Networking Services

Are you looking for competent networking services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi? If you are feeling some issues in data storage, manipulation, communication, presentation, or other issues then you need to contact us and we will provide experienced, expert, and well-educated networking service providers, who will provide the solution to your networking issues. 

CCTV Camera Electro Engineers

Our talented and capable network experts will provide the network services like online games, directory services, voice over IP, file server, e-mail, world wide web, file sharing, printing, instant messaging, file server, video telephony, video on demand, a simple network management protocol, time service, and wireless sensor network.

The clients should get our services as we provide our services to them at the most affordable and highly competitive rates. In the presence of experienced and trained staff and networking experts, the clients should not hesitate to get our services at highly subsidized rates. 

Labour Hire

Electro-engineers are able to supply skilled and experienced electrical personnel for routine work and emergency calls out. We have suitable personnel available to fill roles such as Project Management, Supervision, and Tradesmen. All personnel are suitably qualified, licensed, and have major passes required in any concerned industry.

Personnel qualifications & passes include;

  • Electrical Workers Licence
  • Advanced Rigger
  • White Card/Blue Card
  • MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card)

Quality Assurance

Electro-engineers have developed and implemented a quality management system. At Electro-engineers, we never compromise quality for the price. Our quality assurance certification ensures our clients get exactly what they want. We have a simple philosophy of getting the job done on time and on budget, while still providing quality service.

Design & Development

Electro-engineers have a strong belief in “advancing with the times” and employ “state of the art” technology and principles throughout our design and development processes. As specified in our design control procedure, the finished design is a result of not one, but several members of a committee who are qualified and experienced in the design field. The combination and comparison of ideas and knowledge from the committee result in a more efficient, competitive, safe, and reliable design. The design process interfaces with the client’s organization to ensure all requirements are adequately addressed.

Electro Engineers has the experience with the following countries’ embassies and all these embassies are satisfied with our professional work and moreover, currently, all these embassies are our clients. We had also worked with high-profile offices located in Islamabad.