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Are you in need of an electrician? In Islamabad, we provide a high-quality electrical service. For us, no job is too big or too small. Our electricians are skilled, qualified, and professional, and they can handle any electrical project you have for them. We may perform routine maintenance and repairs as well as duties linked to new construction, such as wiring and installation of fixtures, lighting, generators, and UPS systems, among other things.

So, whether you’re building a house, an office, or a business plaza, or upgrading your property, The Electro Engineers is here to help. Our costs are quite reasonable and competitive. We also provide plumbing and air conditioning services. For a complete list of our services, please visit our page (including further details).

When it comes to electrical crises, no one can replace an electrician. You can clean your car or try to fix your broken furniture, but electrical rewiring is not something that just anybody can do.

You must have sufficient training in order to do an electrical task; else, the end result will be a life hazard. Wait, we’re not trying to terrify you; instead, we’re going to show you how to find a long-term answer to all of your electrical demands and crises.

Electro-engineers Electrical Services in Islamabad

When you require electrical services in Islamabad, the term Electro-engineers will come to mind. Thousands of consumers with electrical needs have trusted us because of our commitment to quality and convenience.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair, UPS Installation, and Repairing Services LED TV/LCD Mounting Services, Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation, and Water Pump Repairing Services are just a few of the electrical services we provide.


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Book Now Electrician Services With Electro-engineers

The most dependable electrician services in Islamabad are provided by Electro-engineers in order to make the lives of the residents of this city as stress-free as possible. Our services have been created to make house upkeep as simple as possible. Electro-engineers electrician services include the following features:

Professionals & Trained Electrician

If you’re looking for someone to rewire your home’s electrical system, you’ve come to the right place. We’re only a phone call/SMS/click away. We put you in touch with vetted experts that are both skilled and experienced. Our expert electricians are some of the best in the area.

Because we provide weekly training to our electricians, you can trust the expert electrician you hire via us. In addition, we provide them with weekly incentives to improve their responsiveness to you.


We understand how critical an electrical emergency might be, thus we provide online electrician services to ensure maximum efficiency. You may simply book our skilled electrician using the Mr. Mahir App from anywhere, at any time.

Exceptional Service

Nobody can compare to us in terms of quality! Our expert specialists provide high-quality electrical services to ensure that you and your family are completely safe against short circuits.

High-tech Devices

Our professional electricians are equipped with high-tech equipment in addition to their experience and talents. Our electrician’s response and the use of state-of-the-art electrical equipment let us complete the booking according to your expectations.


We are electrician service providers in Islamabad who guarantee that our services will be better and our costs will be lower than those of other companies. Our services are more appealing because of our market-competitive costs.

Booking is simple.

Yes! You will find that booking an electrician with us is a breeze. Calling us, sending us an SMS, or booking our online electrician services with a few clicks on our website/App are all options.

Your and Your Family’s Safety

We value your and your family’s safety above all else, which is why we employ high-tech equipment to ensure that our electrician services are completely safe. Furthermore, our electricians adhere to all SOPs in order to keep you safe from all types of germs.